Expand your online search horizons

Just when you think you have everything in place and in such a way that every possible
search engine has you indexed and ranked – you realise your search horizon is a lot broader than you first thought.
- Allow me to expand.

The search engines have a knack for chameleon behaviour, which, whilst annoying, can be the key to achieving online leverage.
We’re aware of title tags, meta information, robots text and xml sitemaps, but what about the power of the online social army?


With Youtube being ‘search engine’ no.2, it’s a valuable source of traffic.
Integrate videos into your website – the more personalised the better!
Upload to Youtube (remember your tags!) and allow your audience to share.


Surprising enough, maps appear more often at the TOP of the page for relevant searches.
They’re easy to set up, visual on the page and in the right place. Top marks!

Online PR and Blogs

The nitty-gritty of online marketing these days revolves around social chatter.
Nice changeable content, targeted copy and an informal approach.
Don’t forget to link back to your own site to improve your page rank score.

Social media sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

Google and Bing are now including real-time tweets within their search results.

Thats right – REAL-TIME. Now obviously this calls for savvy strategy and a great deal of thought. Only the hot topics are seen.

Use trending topics and #tags for targeting.

Use incentives and discussion prompts to keep the flow of conversation.

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