Which social media player are you?

social media playersThe social web is an intricate weave of strategy, gameplans, networking and just plain socialising. Just for fun, here’s the social media¬† lineup of the main players, but which one are you?

Meet the social media players

The strategy kings

  • Calculated to the nth degree.
  • Target driven and particular.
  • Only accepts friend requests from like-minded individuals and those with 1000,000 friends (See Obsessives)

The ‘lump it all up there’ s

  • Get the job done approach
  • No’one will read it anyway
  • No time to interact (busy posting)

The Obsessives

  • 1000,000 friends and followers (and counting!)
  • Tweets in the bath
  • Logs on whilst on holiday and at the pub to message from phone

The new social businessman/woman

  • Activily searches for well known brands (potential business)
  • Activily searches for past bosses (look at me now- I’m ‘friends’ with Dell, Apple and Cisco)
  • Sets up accounts for Mam, Dad, Uncle John, Cousin Karen and Midas, the ginger tomcat (And, you got it – links to them all!)

The Cyber-techno whizz

  • All social sites are linked to one source that automatically feed to the website
  • Widgets galore including a microphone hook-up (why type, when you can talk)
  • Laughs at all the new social businessman/women

Post your closest match either here or on Facebook – don’t be shy now!

I’m a blend of Strategy king and Cyber-techno whizz

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