Multi-media online – Don’t wave bye bye to business

You may have noticed that Google has made quite a number of changes to the search engine interface and filters. For users, this provides optimum control over searched content. For website owners, this produces a dilema.

google filters - blog

Those with dedicated website editors and developers that consistantly contribute and build content are in the clear (phew!).

Those who edit their website once a year and make no investment will want to read on…

So filters – explain

Filters are a way of searching only for the content which matches your exact criteria. So, if blogs are your passion, then you can deftly filter search results to those only containing blogs. If your business doesn’t have a blog – bye bye visitor/reader/potential business!

google filters - social

Other filters cover News, Books, Updates, Images, Discussions and Videos. Missing one of the filter categories – you got it, miss business opportunity.

You can even filter by Time (past 24 hours / past month). So not updating your content – bye bye business (You’re catching on now!)

Long gone are the days when content is left to sit and grow old in cyber space. Today’s web marketers are online constantly interacting, communicating and promoting online. But it’s easy for me to TELL you what you should be doing, here’s a few tips to help your business fit multi-media and content updates into the mix.

Tips for adding multi-media into your online marketing

  1. Invest in a content management system. Many businesses will have one from the website build already, which saves time and money
  2. Discuss where you can contribute – a blog, videos, social media
  3. Set a plan – once a week write a blog or add some content. When running campaigns, add a write up to the website. Got some news, share it!
  4. Spend a little time on the social media and networking channels. A small effort goes a long way. Programs like SocialOomph and Hootesuite will keep you efficient and organised
  5. Add share functionability to the website. Let others assist your effort and increase your reach and web footprint
  6. Be proactive online and tweek or redesign your website to keep that freshness alive. Visitor can get easily bored, so wow them with some new bits.

Don’t wave bye bye to business, invest in multi-media integration and fresh content and say ‘hello’ instead!

@Christina Gilibert, MD CG Online Marketing –

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  1. Frederique Murphy

    Thanks for a useful post, clearly explaining impact of these latest changes AND providing some tips to move forward too!

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