The Matrix

A poem which revives and evokes the idea of the Matrix.

Unreality, so real that the ignorant remain so.

A virtual game; when we win, when we lose.

To know is to believe that the fantasy is fantastic.

The game never ends, so the players never die.

Are our choices our own?

Do we win through our choices?

And what of the non-believers stuck in the game.

Is their choice their saviour, or is their saviour the matrix.

3D beauty when beauty is gone.

Is perception king in a world of change?

Do we live through our memories, dissolved in false thoughts?

Do we tune into the matrix. Live and die by its script.

Exit darkness. Enter light. Enter bliss.

Written by Christina Giliberti

Do anyone else feel the falseness of society, the game-like play? What are your thoughts?

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