In-page analytics for powerful click monitoring

Google have released the beta version of ‘In-page analytics’ and I’m loving it!

In page analytics allows you to track clicks and goal values based on their position on your website.

What can you learn from this?

You can learn which links per page are visitors clicking on and which result in a desired goal. You may be experimenting with image links Vs text links – well now you can measure which are being clicked on more.

You may well be testing which terms visitors are drawn to. Now you can compare term versions.

Or, you may be looking at where people click. Is there a common way of looking at a website? Are visitors clicking on footer links or individual news feeds on the homepage? Are goals best as images or links, top of the page or at the bottom?

In page analytics allows you to monitor user behaviour and filter by variables like region or keyword. Are your targeted keywords on the page matches the origional searches? Do certain countries navigate around a site differently? Useful for global websites. You may find that a universal layout works for Ireland but not for China.

Interested in insights for your website? CG Online Marketing can provide analytical reports with insights and recommendations on structure, layout, navigation, targeting and content.

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