Social media fears and how to address them

Everything you read these days has a connection to social media, because everyone is doing it. Or are they? A chorus of voices shout ‘yes’ in unison, but there’s a definate minority attempting to hide behind the confident tweeterati.

And that gets me thinking ….

How many of us are scared of social media?

After all, not all of us are blessed with the gift of the gab, social ease or confident chatter. We take it for granted that all companies big and small will have a social media presence, but have we considered the fearful few?

Whilst wheedling out these social misfits and plying them with strategy-rich dialogue may seem like the answer, I think that we should take a step back and soothe our troubled companions by tackling their fears head on.

Fear number one

No’one knows me or my company. I’m just a little fish in a very big pond While this may be true, that does not mean that what you have to say is irrelevant, useless or pointless. Social media is an even platform for all companies and many small companies are making big splashes.

  • Make a list – past and present clients, associates, friends etc.
  • Add your accounts to your website and your blog.
  • Once you start blogging and chatting, people will listen and interact with you. At this point they take an interest in your company and get to know you.

Fear number two

Everyones better at it than me. The reason being is that they have a dedicated member of their company or a professional handling their presence. They are testing ideas, trialing concepts and sharing information. They are proactivity joining in discussions, sharing their experiences, interacting with others and generally being socialible beings.

You could make a list here too:

  • public festivals,
  • events,
  • company news,
  • articles pertaining to your industry or written by your company
  • Competitions
  • offers
  • incentives
  • trials

Fear number three

I don’t know what to say. Ahh, a tough one. Work on t

he list above if words are not your strong point, ask another member of staff or employ a professional. Watch others in action and take notes on topic, voice and strategy. The more you learn, the more you can apply it to your own sites.

Remember social media is all to do with the personal touch,

so communicate as you would in a networking scenario. Try to add personality and avoid the hard sell.

Fear number four

What if I recieve no followers or friends. It’s embarrassing. Start with your list of company employees, friends and associates. Be proactive and feature your social media links as much as possible. By writing on other sites, you can link back to yours. Gradually interest and presense will grow.

Fear number five

I’m worried that an association with social media will affect my business reputation.  Social media has evolved into a business tool and is now referred to as such. Whilst it’s true that Facebook did begin as a personal social tool for linking friends and family, it has now become a powerful business platform for lead generation, for obtaining qualitive feedback, for building a following, for speaking/promoting directly. If handled correctly, social media can be used as part of a high performing low-cost marketing strategy.

  • Research your audience and where they are online. Pursue these channels
  • Be ethical and polite in discussions
  • Plan your messages and comments
  • Keep a consistant voice
  • If unsure of a strategy, idea or angle, consult a business colleague
  • Monitor conversions
  • Don’t be intrusive
  • Give value to discussions
  • Always consider your responses and points

What other fears may be excluding businesses from using Social Media?

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