To sell or not to sell

Can you put a price on the human soul,

If taken, will there be a hole,

To fill with things life does bestow,

On those that live without a soul.

Would you know the difference inside,

Would you remember the things you hide,

Deep within the canverous hide,

In time the deed will decide.

Might you yearn for the freedom before,

When you knew what was in store,

While walking through an open door,

To surrender at lifes seashore.

Will you miss the knowledge of truth,

The days when you would search for proof,

To confirm the undeniable clues,

You knew were hidden and aloof.

If you sold your soul tonight,

Would you put up much of a fight,

Or spread your wings and take flight,

To lose yourself within the night.

By Christina Giliberti

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