Why you should embrace a ‘greener’ business

You’ve heard the phase ‘ The grass is always greener on the other side’. Well, if we don’t embrace a ‘greener’ business, the grass will not be greener – it will be NON-EXISTANT.

Green living

It’s a sad truth, but most of us are happy to ‘watch the grass grow’ and live day-to-day in the knowledge that life will always be the same.

It won’t.

It won’t unless we realise that we can hold onto some of the things that make this world worth living in. By embracing and investing in a greener business model, we hold the key to the future in our hands.

A greener business is one that responds to changes in society, and creates an environment that allows green measures and practices to drive decisions. These can range from:

  • Reusing items to recycling them
  • Buying energy saving items to designing energy efficient items
  • Spreading the word to living the word
  • Moving to a building with energy saving in mind to adaptiing your own
  • Thinking about packaging and transportation costs to lowering these costs for your business
  • Sharing resources to sharing costs and ideas

Why embrace a greener business?

Our world is disappearing. Natural reserves like coal and oil (fossil fuels) are being used as quickly as we find them.  Pollution (Co2) from fossil fuels is severly damaging the atmosphere. Soon the sun will blaze hotter, the young, poor and old will become sicker and die, natural landscapes will wither and future generations will have to be content to hear/see them second-hand. Is that our ‘gift’ to our children; a world of pollution, death and second-hand memories??

Then lets bond together and embrace greener ways of doing business. Lets research ways of responding to an inevitablechanges. Lets be part of a positive movement; a stronger movement. Lets give our children, and their children in turn a life they deserve.

There are plenty of resources online and funding options. Here’s a few to get you started

Energy saving items such as lightbulbs Follow on FB

Measuring energy usage in bulbs Follow on FB

Eco Products for the home /

Green Living tips

Do you embrace a greener business? Do you want to – interested in finding out more? Are you green at home? What ways could you improve energy efficiency? What products would you invest in?

Let us know and we’ll discuss them on our CG Online Marketing FB page


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