Top Ten Online Christmas & New Year Tips

We might all think that at Christmas & New Year all we do is watch Eastenders, eat some turkey, drink way too much alcohol and spend time with the family, but secretly we spend time pondering our prospective businesses. Believe it or not, but the times we are on holiday are the best times, because the pressure isn’t there and we are free to think.

My Christmas & New Year 2010 Top Ten Online Tips are:

  1. Consider your budget for next year – where you are allocating funds online
  2. Research some new ideas and trends. Testing is an important part of online marketing
  3. Evaluate 2010 and mark your successes and failures. Analyse these using analytics
  4. Plan your strategy and draw up a marketing plan of action for optimal performance online
  5. Evaluate your SEO and how you can improve your search engine presence
  6. Social Media is rising in popularity, so put together a strategy to capitalise
  7. With video and multimedia content a front runner online, look at ways of integrating into your online marketing
  8. Book yourself on an online marketing events (blogging, social media and ecommerce)
  9. If you haven’t tried blogging, give it a whirl. It’s great for SEO, showing expertise and gaining exposure
  10. Invest in either top personnel or an online marketing consultant

If you are  interested in evaluating your online presence, learning more about online marketing, or looking to implement an online marketing strategy contact CG Online Marketing on 021 4828027 / 087 320 6079 or email


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