Become a saint online (St Patricks Special)

There’s a phase in Ireland¬† ‘What St.Patrick can do, ye can do better.’

Actually I just made that up with the hope it might stick. The point of the phase is – If St.Patrick can become a saint, then so can ye.’

What better place to start then online, where so much sin is apparent!

Are you a sinner or a saint online?

We’ll start with a few hanagable offences.

Do you: -

  • comply with online regulations?
  • spam?
  • over-promise?
  • use unpurchased photography?

Online Regulations

I hate to break it to you, but the internet is full of regulations. We unconsciously tick tiny boxes and bypass Terms to sign to sites and download software. Becoming a saint is about taking responsibility for our actions. That means taking the time to not only read the terms, but also act on them. We all know that St Paddy read his terms and conditions….and ate all his veg….etc


Remember the days of fax marketing, when without warning, your fax would erupt and spit out hundreds of pages of advertising material that you’ve never heard of, let alone want to read?

How about your Facebook page, where you control the content on your wall…hold on, who posted that ad?? And why didn’t they run it by me first?!

The list is endless. It’s the sin beyond all sins to spam. St Patrick never did it because he knew how to sell an idea properly.


We’ve heard them all :-

  • Business Guaranteed
  • Over 1000 quality links
  • Become a fan and win xxxx today

Quite Paddy… I mean frankly, a ‘too good to be true offer’, often is. Unless ofcourse you promise to rid Ireland of all the snakes. Cynical ? I don’t see any, do you?

Unpurchased Photography

This is one of those sins your Mam would never commit, let alone St Patrick. This one has tipped many a halo. Sites like i-stock or Bananastock sell top quality photography from top quality photographers. Brought versions are high resolution; crisp to perfection. Well worth the tiny sum they ask for.

How easy is it to sin online?

Any online sins you would like to add?

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