Say hello to the new blog

Hello, and welcome to the ‘new look’ Online Advocate blog!

What do you think?

New Blog

We’ve spent some time researching and planning the best style and layout of blog to entice visitors to read and interact. Our past blogs didn’t quite fit the bill, but we think we’ve finally cracked it with this one.

Extra special thanks go out to Sean O’Sullivan and Sean O’Connell at Profit Ignition; both gave their time and assistance in perfecting and tweeking the blog. We think they did a brilliant job, so much so that we’re buying them lunch! Cheers guys.

New Ideas

It isn’t just our blog that has had an overhaul, our whole concept of online content has changed to.  Our target this year to to be much more personable, structured, informative and engaging. With that in mind we’ve devised a plan for each online platform.

New Facebook

Our Facebook business page is getting swankier by the day. New logo, new theme listing, and new attitude. This month’s theme is Market and Competitor Research and we are open to questions and posts you think would be of interest on this theme. We promise to answer your questions in our monthly blog posts.

So without further ado, we’ll leave you and get stuck into our work.

Looking forward to questions, comments and collaboration!

Christina Giliberti; Creative Director; CG Online Marketing

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