Achieve royal greatness: like our future king on his wedding day

Watching the Royal Wedding has been a moving event in so many ways – the actual ceromony was beautiful, PrinceWilliam and Kate looked adorable, and a huge part of the wedding was in memoradum of the late Princess Diana.
Thinking of Diana takes me back to the time of her death; in complete contrast to today’s event. The sadness then, has become pure happiness now, the loss of a person then, is the gain of a person now, and the event today shows as how far William (and Harry!) have come.
A real testiment to inner strength. Today, on his wedding day, we see a man who has accomplished greatness despite tragedy. Who has surpassed expections and moved on with his life.
This is a lesson we can learn from.
Do we want to shy away from something spectatular because of fear or a past hurt?
Do we embrace that greatness by growing, contemplating and moving on?
What defines us is the ability to do either. As businesses and as people, we are affected by all the things life throws at us. I’m asking each and everyone of us to call on our inner strengths; make this year the year that you accomplish greatness.
How do you intend to achieve greatness?

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