Five MORE Q&A’s For New Business Bloggers

Last month I put together a post answering five crucial questions that most new business bloggers ask. This month I decided to take this a step further and give you the opportunity to ask your questions directly. So without further ado, here are your questions; answered!

1) Any tips you can share as to where to submit your blog to?
Asks Luke Sweeny of

Great question Luke – A resounding yes! Absolutely.
Community blogging websites add value to your blogging effort by:

  • Allowing you to Share with a wider audience (More people on blog)
  • Increasing your blog exposure (More people reading blog)
  • Helping you tap into a mature/targeted blogging community (people you want and people who like this blog site)

Additional benefits:

  • Assists with brand reputation (‘Who are you?’ TO ‘well hello!’)
  • Helps brand penetration (wave to the people in Canada, the US, Japan and Australia)
  • Builds your Social networking contacts (Make some online chums)

Here are a few community websites and their target market:

  • (Business, Marketing, Management, Sales, IT)
  • (Marketing, Finance, Franchises, Global, Legal, Technology, Startups)
  • O2ideasroom (Branding, Business, Startups, Digital, Finance, Mobile, Networking, Sales, Tax)
  • (Hotels)
  • (Making Money Online, Blogging Tips, Traffic, Design, Social Networking, SEO, Marketing, Technology)
  • (Digital Marketing)
  • (Media, Literature, Business, Technology, Travel, Sports, Health, Education, Fashion, Finance, Politics, Science)

Plenty more out there to choose from. For our friend Luke, sadly there isn’t much in the ‘Tile’ industry. However, there are blogging sites for retail, ecommerce, business and startups – all relevant industries to promote your personality.  O’ and your business!

Before you choose though,go through my quick checklist points to consider before you submit:

Community blogging site checklist

  • Does the blogging site charge to submit a blog?
  • Where are their audience based (if you’re a business selling locally, then a global audience is irrelavant)
  • What other members are blogging?
  • What category options are available?
  • What is the engagement level like?
  • Is there a strict entry code or number of blogging you will need to submit with them?

Remember – using community blogging sites is part of your online stratagy and everything you do online has a time-cost attached to it. make sure that each site is worthwhile to you.

You can check out Luke’s blog here, which we think is pretty impressive. An obvious Sports man and those tiles are pure heaven for any household or business.

2) How should I address a business market on my blog without sounding too personal?

Asks Anna Mellerick of

Hey there Anna. I’m sure this one trips up a ton of bloggers who are new to the blogshpere. Blogging is a social media form and blurs the line between personal and business. If you want to write something that is 100% pure business, then an article or white paper will do just fine. Blogging on the other hand works a tad differently. Far and away the best bloggers are those who mix their personality in there.

Try writing the way you would naturally talk to a close friend. Be informal and soften up your text. Just because the subject matter is business-orientated, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with it. Let your style shine through.

Bulleted lists will give that nice structered format, along with a simple call to action – detailing the step you would like them to take next. Why not write a post, then edit by softening it. Add some natural phases to loosen the
business slang up. Sneak in a few chatty lines and boost your post by being upbeat. This doesn’t push your readers away, it entices them in. You’re a real person, and thats who they will relate to.

3) How can I get more people to be actively involved on my blog? Sometimes I feel I am talking to myself on the blogosphere!
Asks Anna Mellerick (A keen blogger in the making!)

This is the part where we have to mention that scary word; strategy. It’s actually a handy way of considering your blogging activity; what to write about, if the theme or subject is blog-worthy, where you can upload it (See Q1 above) and how you can share it. To gain that all-important activity, you did to ask yourself some questions:

  • Are people interested in what I’m writing about?
  • Where are the people who would be interested?
  • How can I share my blog with this audience?
  • Should I use sponsered adverts, community blogging sites, Facebook, Twitter, my social network etc?
  • What themes, styles, voice do readers want to connect with?
  • What are my readers looking for – tips, portfolio, case studies, news, guides, competitions, advice, support ?

So, in short; know your audience. Know where your audience are (channels). Know what they want to read. Know how to reach them.

A few tips

  • Ask them – surveys and questions are great (Surveymonkey / Facebook Questions)
  • Get them activity involved with questions and competitions
  • Stick to strategy to help structure your ideas and planning
  • Use your network to circulate your post

Anna is a superb graphic designer based in Cork. You can catch her at

4) Any WordPress tips? (Our Facebook poll winner)

Do I have some killer WordPress tips for you!?….Is Kate Midleton about to be married!
(The answer to both is yes)

  • Tip 1 - Choose your blog categories in WordPress wisely. Use ones you feel your readers are interested in and that you can fill with content.
  • Tip 2 - Consider your business before you choose a WordPress blog theme or design. Not the other way round. If you’re selling beautiful products or need to showcase, then something with a strong image-driven theme will suit you best
  • Tip 3 - Make sure it’s obvious who you are and what your blog is about. A logo, slogan, block of text or banner are all ways of getting this simple message across. These can easily be set up in WordPress
  • Tip 4 – Search the selection of WordPress plugins. Sharing buttons, Facebook like button and Disqis are the most useful and popular
  • Tip 5 - Check out the WordPress settings for discussions and permalinks. Emailing you when a comment is made and approving comments is a must

5) SEO for blogs (Our Facebook poll runner up)

Anywhere you have content online can assist with SEO. SEO is all about optmising for certain keyterms, so consider these while planning your blog.

SEO can feature in:

  • Titles
  • Categories
  • Content
  • Profile text
  • Alt tags on images

My fingers are tired folks, so I’m going to stop there…..we hope you enjoyed!

Missed our first five questions and answers – read them here?

Fancy submitting a question? Just add as a comment here or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Anna

    Thanks for the information Christina! I found that very helpful and I’ll integrate it into my writing! Happy blogging!

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Great stuff Anna….I’ll be watching like the angel on your shoulder.

  2. Facundo

    Thanks a million for the mention Tina :)

  3. Niall Devitt

    Thanks for the great insight and the Bloggertone recommendation Christina, there are a few communities in there that I need to check out.

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  5. Elaine Rogers

    Wow – what a well researched and great reading post – thanks for all the info Christina, lots to take in. For me the strategy is the hardest part, as the blogoshpere changes so much, with new tricks coming online every day – it’s so hard to keep up. But it’s all such a great learning experience, and fun too :)

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Thanks Elaine for your lovely comments.
      Technology is so fast-paced that the only way to stay on top of it is to constantly evolve and learn with it. We would give up and throw a tantrum if it wasn’t just so much darn fun…fortunately for us it is ; 0 )

      Note: We are as much responsible for the ‘new tricks’ as anyone….yest another reason to be an online advocate – so much scope to be innovative.

  6. Dipendra-Hack a Facebook

    Nice and helpful post. I am really much interested in blogging and I want to earn something as well.Its worth reading your blog.

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Hi Dipendra,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it…..there are plenty more where that came from, so please do browse and read on the site.

      If you are interested in selling online, then these case studies of ecommerce sites might be helpful resources for you:


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    1. Christina Giliberti

      Thanks for the comments. Good quality backlinks is always important – as I’m sure you know yourself!

  8. seo in melbourne


    Its very interesting article guys and very informative. 

    Thanks guys. 

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