Even More Q&As for New Business Bloggers

Howdy folks and welcome to the third post of our ‘Q&A’s for new business bloggers‘ series – The place where you ask a question, and we, well,…answer it.

As this is numero three, we would be terribly upset if you missed a previous Q&A, so here they are:

Q&A’s part one and part two

I’m answering three questions (below) and will publish four questions next week (to save on the heavy reading guys!)

Right – onto our post

We asked you for the most challenging and unbelievably difficult blogging-related questions, and boy, did we get them! Fear not however, because the team at CG Online Marketing are a smiliey, happy bunch who like nothing more that a few challenges to get them out of bed in the morning (believe me – nothing else works ; 0 )).

Here are your business blogging questions; answered!

1) Our first question was asked by Coach extraordinaire; Elaine Rogers of Smart Solutions

What considerations would you recommend when structuring a business blogpost?

  1. Introduction – brief intro on subject to ‘warm’ your readers up.
  2. Meat of the post – Main points and content – ideally in bullet format, toped by headers
  3. Close – Final point, outcome or conclusion

All sounds a bit scientific really.

I recommend considering the following when drafting:

Are people interested?

Is it a trending topic? Have you researched it online to see if people are interested? Do you feel it’s something people should know? This will impact on the number of people clicking and  actual engagement level.


A clear goal or aim to the post. Are you making a point, discussing a subject, asking for feedback, publishing stats, after people’s opinions? All of these end results will need to be considered prior to writing, so your aims are realised at the end.

Keywords (SEO)

No point trying to avoid it guys, SEO is something that matters online, whether you know about it or not. Research your keywords, see whats trending, what interests people, what matches your website and list these keywords. Then write with them in mind. Even better, match your blog categories to them.


Its the online word of 2011, so think of how your post can involve its readers. Ask questions, advice, their thoughts etc.


2) The next question came from fellow online whizz Amanada Webb, the woman behind Spiderworking (She couldn’t have chosen a better name for a webbie!)

How do you cure writers block? I know it’s a toughy but I can’t seem to string a sentence together at the moment, I’ve lost all grasp on the English language making it really time consuming to construct blog posts.

O’ Amanada, we hear you! Writer’s block happens to us all. I have learnt a few tricks however from my writing studies that should help you out.


The first thing to do is relax. Your brain needs to power down because during ‘writers block’ you’ve been thinking extra hard and placed a great deal of pressure on it. So, I want you to find 30 minutes and spend them in your favourite chill out zone. This could be the bath, your bedroom, a quiet walking area; anywhere where your brain isn’t taken over by the day-to-day duties. While you are in this place, I want you to think of nothing. Concentrate on your breathing and just enjoy the moment.


Next, when you return from this magical, relaxing place, I want you to sit somewhere with just a notepad and pen. It’s important that you don’t take these with you when you wind down, because if you do, your mind won’t be able to relax fully. Now – you’re going to do a freewrite. This means that you are going to write without any conscious thought of what you are writing about. Just start writing and stop thinking. You will be surprised with what you raed after and how much of it that steers a train of thought, which in turn leads to a blog.

When you do decide on an idea, write a first draft in a natural way. Just write and make notes. You’ll find it much easier then to ‘add flesh’ to the post.


3) Our third question came in from Debbie of Yellowhouse Childrenswear, who we always find sporting her own fashion designs (self advertising is the best form after all).

How to go about linking to other blogs I like and vice versa. Like a support network?

Well now Debbie – I’ll answer your question in two parts (to make sure I cover all bases).


A blogroll is a selection of links which you like, and feature on your blog. You can edit and add to these links anytime. The best way to feature on someone else blogroll is to simply ask:

  • Friends
  • Online contacts
  • Blogs owners in a similar area or industry
  • Group members

If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Featuring within posts written by others

This one is more to do with opportunities. I asked you to supply a question, you did, and now you feature in my blog post. Plenty of bloggers send surveys, ask questions, ask for links or pages for a particular topic they are about to write about. So sieze these opportunities to feature in a post. Ideally follow on Twitter and Facebook those with a lot of  ‘online sway’ as their posts will receive greater hits – and the more who see the post, the more than read your participation on it.

When you feature in a post, a blogger will likely tag you or @ you to alert you. Make sure that you thank them, stay in touch and share their posts with your online network. You can also keep an eye on mentions using Google alerts and Social Mention.

Righty people, the words are blurring in front my eyes, which is a strong sign of blog overload, so will bail and share this wonderful post with you!

Tune in next week

I’ll be answering the following questions:

  • What fiscal benefit does blogging bring to a company to offset the man hours used to write it?
  • What are your thoughts on reposting blogs on other sites
  • I’m interested in where people get inspiration for their blog posts
  • How do you drive people to your blog once written?

As always, leave your thoughts and comments below!


  1. Smart Solutions

    I really enjoyed this post – thanks Christina, some great tips, and very
    much looking forward to the next questions and answers in particular!
    Thanks again,

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Thanks for the comment Elaine. We’re also looking forward to the next questions.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for the tips Christina, specially the answers to my question.  I’m going to go and relax for a while now and see what happens!

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Don’t forget to let us know how you get on and maybe comment your freewrite and the resulting post….o’ and maybe prop yourself up in the tub. We don’t want any accidents.

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