10 Reasons to Customise Your Facebook Biz Page

So you’ve taken the plunge and created a Facebook page. You must be pretty chuffed; your business now has a little space all of its own on Facebook!

Allow me to whisk you away to the customisation zone. That’s right – CG Onlinemarketing facebook pageFacebook allows you to customise your page, and here are 10 reasons to join the growing number of businesses already integrating it into their social media strategy.

1) Branding

It makes sense to start with branding. After all, one of the most important things a business can do is personalise their space with a recognisable logo and colour scheme.

2) Professionalism

If you take a look at any of the high-profile brands like Microsoft, YouTube or Cisco, you will notice how professional their pages look. If you are serious about using facebook as part of your aquisition and retention strategy, then professionalism should be top of your list. A potential client, or even a current client is sure to be impressed!

3) To be unique and stand out from the crowd

One of the greatest advances on Facebook for business owners, is the ability to customise pages in such a unique way. You choose the number of pages, you choose what content to use in them and you choose when and how often you update them.

4) Draw attention to certain offers or content

You can add multiple pages to your Facebook business page, and one tactic is to draw attention to certain products, services and offers.  These can be updated over time to keep your Facebook  page fresh and interesting.

5) More engaging and interactive

By  customising  your Facebook page, you are making it much more interactive and engaging for your fans. An interesting page will also entice others to join your fan base and connect with your business.

6) Increases click thru rate

If you’re adding links to your website, blog or other digital channels, then people will click on them!

7) Improves visibility for campaigns

As anyone in marketing will tell you, exposure is key for campaigns. A real benefit of adding custom pages is that it gives you an additional channel to share your campaigns on.

8)  Free advertising slot

Advertising can be expensive, but via your Facebook page you can advertise anything for free.

9) Inviting for potential fans

An active, professional and interesting Facebook page is inviting for those browsing pages to ‘Like’. And the more ‘Likes’ you have, the more fans you can engage and interact with.

10) Allows you to chop and change content

Easily one of the best reasons to use customised content is to chop and change them as needed. This is also one of the strengths of digital marketing – easy to add, easy to change.

Now what are you waiting for – get customising!

Or give us a shout, and we’ll customise for you…

Any more reasons to add? Any great customised pages to share?

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