What every business wants…digital support

We’re doing a little ‘shuffle’ onto the new WordPress platform. Kinda liking the new space for all the every day bits and bobs, plus you can upgrade and add plugins in seconds.

As we do the side-step, I’d like to highlight some of our services which are most in demand and definately the way forward for small businesses. I’m terming them ‘what every business wants’.

Marketing strategies

We conducted a recent survey and marketing strategies was the top choice for businesses. This is completely understandable, as performance is relient on the strategy you choose. Strategies are also about understanding the various options available and knowing when and how to use them. For us, a strategy is personal to a business. It ideally should respond to changes in the marketplace, in technology and from demand.

Social Media

If you’re not in the social media space then where the hell are you…lol

We know it’s a little scary, but we have worked with a number of small businesses such as Women’s Fitness Plus and Optimal Chiropractic and they have both embraced the social media world. Both were unsure of the benefits, the mindset, what activities they should be working on and how they should use each platform. We soon got them blo, sharing and tweeting!

In this space, our approach is to get chatting with you, gain an idea of your service and how this can be best transported into the social media world. We’ll devise a plan for you that covers just what you need and work alongside you to put it into action.


You may already be aware of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); an activity which nudges your website upwards on the search engines, so your eager searchers can find your site. But optimisation in a broader context can also apply to social media accounts, blogging content, your website conversion process and all your digital marketing campaigns. The idea behind optimisation is to give you the best exposure online for all of your channels.

So when we’re looking at optimisation, we’re looking at your online presense as a whole, giving you all-round impact and visibility.

Copy and Content

Content has always been king online, in so many ways. When you are not face-to-face, your copy, blogs and campaigns speak for you and to your audience.  This is what converts, what engages and what keeps people entertained and loyal.

When it comes to copy and content online, we cover pretty much all options from website copy to campaign promotional copy, blog writing to content developement projects. We even cover copy in the social media space.

Final note

If you have a question on digital marketing, then come join our digital group on Small Business Can and ask away. Let us ease you into the digital space and even share a few insights for you to chew over!

So thats digital support….all wrapped up!

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