Ranking higher in Google Places

Many thanks to Viv Van Der Holst for asking us about Google Places and ranking higher. Ranking highly in Google Places requires similar optimisation to that of your website, with a few alterations.

I’ve outlined the notable areas so you can make a start:

Google Guidelines

First off, check the Google Places Quality guidelines for setting up your Google Places account. It tells you exactly what Google expect, and as always; do what Google likes and expects = better results.

Business name and location

The Google guidelines will give you some tips here. It’s important to keep this as simple as possible. Business name exactly as it is and a full location.

Catgeories and Description

Think closest match to your service and keywords here.

Nice full description with keywords.

Keep your information consistant

Don’t confuse Google. They like nice consistant content.  So make sure it all matches.

Use all Google Tools and Options

Fill in everything. Upload the total number of picture and videos.

Ask for customer reviews in Google Maps and Yelp

Reviews will really help you out and cement your business on Google. If asking for reviews, give your reviewer some pointers like, please mention my name, the business name and the service I provided.

Online Mentions

Citations (online mentions) are important to ranking, so incraese your web footprint as much as possible.

Optimisation of your own domain (website)

Every links on Google. One Google service assists another, so website ranking will affect Google Places ranking.


Hopefully that’s given you a little bit of grounding. If you need any SEO support, just holla –

O’ and do let us know how you get on and the change in ranking.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Brian

    Not enough use of Google places in Ireland – would love to hear great examples of companies working this free tool 

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