5 ways to promote your business online

The web is a big place. Imagine the universe and each website is a star. That’s a lot of stars!

But what if your website could stand out – shine a bit brighter than the rest? Well, that’s the best way that I can describe online promotions. They give you an edge and greater intensity online.

Here are 5 ways to promote your business online:

1. Search Engine Optimisation

The best form of promotion is the cheapest kind. Optimising your website will promote it in the search engines and all is takes is a little time, patience and practice. For the ultimate shine, consult with a business who has experience of SEO.

2. Advertising on Google

Online advertising methods such as sponsered adverts, are paid options, but give maximum clout online. The idea behind them is to give you visibility for searches that you naturally wouldn’t be seen on. By paying a bit extra, you can truely shine on Google and Facebook. So if you’ve fallen off the universe, advertising can bring you back.

3. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

There’s no discounting the power of social interaction.  Why spend a small fortune travelling to events, when you can chat to consumers and other businesses (locally and globally) on social media channels.

4. Forums

Forums are sprouting up all over the place. They draw businesses together to share knowledge and discuss business. If you catch a post for help in your area of expertise, then use it as an opportunity to build a relationship and obtain business.

5. Blogging

It has been proven again and again that blogging is a viable means of business and promotion. Consistant blogging and sharing can help you build a strong following.  As you bestow your wizdom, you can give your readers a glimpse of what you offer. When you write about something that you know well and are passionate about, you are at your sparkling best.

Do you use any of the techniques above to promote your business?

Whish ones work best for you?

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