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The long-awaited launch of Google+ business pages took place on 7th November and many businesses signed up instantly (and eagerly).


Google promised that Google+ would ‘build relationships’ with all the things you care about’ and allow you to ‘connect with the customers and fans who love you’ . It’s just the  early stages, but we sure hope Google makes good on those promises. Read the full Google+ pages for businesses blog post.

If you are venturing into the world of Google+, then first create your page.

Lets get started:

  • Use your business name so people can search for you easily
  • Upload a logo (200 x 200 px)
  • Set a custom (vanity) URL
  • Load images into the top gallery on your page by clicking to the rigt of your logo
  • Start adding at least four posts to gain interest straight away
  • Connect with all the businesses you know (You could start with this list from Spiderworking)
  • Incorporate Google+ into your strategy plan or ask a professional to devise one for you.

What are you waiting for?

Connect with us on Google+

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  1. [...] Everyone is talking about it …. business pages on Google +.  They have been given the green light and you can now create your business page there.  It is relatively easy to do especially if you follow these instructions. [...]

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