Social Media Chat + Case Study: Optimal Chiropractic

This week I met with Chiropractor and all-round nice guy; Benjamin Martin of Optimal Chiropractic, to chat about the effect of social media and digital communications on his business.

Benjamin is a highly regarded chiropractor in Ballincollig, Cork, who regulary gives spinal adjustments to employees of EMC, Abtran, Apple and many other leading companies in Cork. His face has been recogised in counties beyond Cork, which is unsurprising given his TV appearances and newsworthy promotions.

Benjamin is a real advocate for digital marketing and one of my own clients. It’s great to catch up and evaluate our efforts, plus provide some valuable insights for local businesses in Ireland, to show that digital marketing can be adopted by any company.

Our chat begins …

Me: When Optimal Chiropractic first opened, did you feel that digital communications were important?

Benjamin: No, we opened ten years ago.

Me:When did you adopt digital marketing techniques and what was the push for you?

Benjamin: Five years ago. [I ] need to keep up with the various forms of marketing open to the public.

Me: In the time that you have used digital marketing and social media, what do you feel has changed for your business?

Benjamin: Better patient compliance and retention from internet patients. I feel that they nearly know you before they meet you. Also more exposure to the community which has resulted in more business.

Me: Since using digital/social media, what do you feel are the benefits?

Benjamin: Increased business. Patients get a feel for you and your office before they meet you. Stronger long term relationships.

Me: What in your opinion has social media done for Optimal Chiropractic?

Benjamin: Increased exposure and business.

Me: What information would you share and what would you avoid sharing?

Benjamin: Would share anything. Not much that I won’t share on social media.

Me: Are you keen to try new technologies and would you try other digital marketing methods for Optimal Chiropractic?

Benjamin: Would be open to any new avenues.

Me: Are you considering increasing your digital efforts, decreasing them or keeping them at the same level for 2012?

Benjamin: Same level.


Case Study

I started working with Ben in March 2011 and he was by that point already a regular in the local papers and had appeared on Channel South, Ireland AM and The Evening show. On the digital side, he had a website and Google Adwords campaigns.


We started off by working backwards and evaluated the website. It was of paramount importance that Ben had a site which was: -

1) Professional and well-branded

2) Easy to manage and update content

3) Allowed us to lead with digital marketing (videos, blogs and promos)

After launching the new website in April on WordPress (all optimised of course), we then set up a strategy and divided the workload. I take care of all online advertising, many third party social updates, website maintenance for blogs and promos, and SEO. Ben loves Facebook and Twitter, so he took care of updates on these platforms.

Statistics and KPIs

I back-tracked on the stats and created a document with as much historic data as possible. This I analysed to pinpoint trends and insights. What I noticed first was that actual clicks were low. First KPI ( a no-brainer) had to be increasing visits.

On closer inspection, referrals were weak. Second KPI was building referrals.

Thirdly, Ben was very active on the social media sites, but apart from icons to connect, this information wasn’t being utilised. Third KPI to increase social media referrals. Also, given his knowledge, it made sense to work blogs into the mix. We added Facebook ads and consistantly worked on a blog post every two weeks (plus third party article submissions to boost each post).

The results from April to November, are astonishing:

  • 700% increase in website visits
  • All top referrers were social media sites/pages
  • Month on month blog visits are increasing and now blog posts takes nine-ten of the top 12 spots for most visted website pages
  • Facebook likes grew from 443 to 693
  • Average daily Facebook impressions quadrupled

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Has Benjamin inspired you to spend more time investing in digital communications?

What has Benjamin’s experience taught us about digital communications and social media?

Are you struggling or winning on any of the platforms? If so, share your story with us and we will choose one for a case study in two weeks.


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  1. Elaine Rogers

    Hi Tina,
    What a great case study – I am a client of Optimal Chiropractic and met Ben through Twitter, and really did have a familiar sense before I made my first app for a consultation and scan.
    Ben connects and communicates online, like he was siting with you having a coffee. He is so generous with his time and knowledge, and the office operates like clockwork, especially with Mary at the helm.
    A total success story with regard to my road “back” to health (pun intended) and Ben’s success with digital communications and social media. He understands the two-way process that is paramount to building referrals and connecting with existing clients. 

    I have to also mention Paul Allen of as an advocate of social media for business. Another success story worth looking into :)

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Great stuff Elaine. It’s a real pleasure to hear the story from the other side and definately backs up the claim that social media is a positive way of communicating with customers and indeed does bring in custom.

      Ben is definately a personable character and this does have an effect. People connect with people and not businesses after all.

      Thanks for the comments!


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