The twelve social media tips of Christmas

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas post and what better topic than the twelve tips of Christmas.

This year, to highlight the fact that social media is a personal journey, I’ve managed to bribe… I mean ‘persuade’, some digi-savvy consultants and top business owners to contribute.

In no particular order, here are the twelve social media tips of Christmas:

Tip 1) [It's] a completely medium to talking and sometimes things you could change with tone of voice could be misconstrued. When posting or replying to anything on the internet, reread what you have written to make sure that what you have said is clear not only in information, but also in tone. A smiley face is a powerful tool. It can help to convey the meaning of your comment.

Amy Snow-O’Connell, Cork Music Collective


Tip 2) Basic manners such as ‘please’ and ‘Thank you’ can mean so much, these are the very basic manners that we learn when we are young.

Catherine Connors, De-Stress 4 Life



Tip 3) Use the google keyword tool to ensure you are using the right keywords that people are using to search for your product or service.

Lorna Sixsmith, Garrendenny Lane Interiors and Write on Track



Tip 4) Content, content, content. Social Media is about sharing content. Sometimes that content is your own, sometimes that content is other peoples. A piece of content will start a social conversation. Content is the epicentre which all social media revolves around. Otherwise what is there to share, discuss, tweet etc. People often dive into social media without having any content plan and are left with nothing meaningful to say.

Beatrice Whelan, Sage Ireland


Tip 5) Always remember your target market, there’s no point talking to thousands of people if they are the wrong thousands of people. Find your target market and give them information that they will find useful.

Amanda Webb, Spiderworking

Tip 6) People like to receive feedback. If you would like people to interact with your content, the best thing to do is to interact with their content. This builds relationships and people will be more likely to reply to you when they feel they have engaged with you.

Amy Snow-O’Connell, Cork Music Collective

Tip 7) Engage in conversation. It gives you an opportunity to share some of your personality and expertise as well as increasing the number of quality people to include in your network. You might even make some excellent friends.

Elli Stgeorge-godfrey, Ability Success Growth

Tip 8 ) Plan how you will use your time. Social Media can be a real time sink otherwise. Limit your daily time spent on Social Media and stick to this limit. There are other aspects of your business which should not be neglected.

Frank Bradley, Oracle Ireland


Tip 9) Start with the people and let the technology follow, [also] start with a goal (or goals) and build a strategy around these. Make sure you can measure results in real business terms, not fans or followers. Obsess about engaging but not about numbers. And remember social media are just communication tools, the real skill is in how you communicate.

Niall Devitt, Community Manager at Bloggertone and Bizsugar


Tip 10) Content is king – keeping your social voice truly social and taking your corporate hat off will keep your consumers engaged. Change this simple rule, and you’ll find people become uninspired quickly with your brand.

Simon Taylor,


Tip 11) If you are using Social Media for business please please please do not spam people until they beg for mercy… engage with those that you connect with, be polite and respectful, remember that at the end of every other profile (be it twitter, Facebook etc) there is a real person with their own set of values and feelings. Think twice about posting updates that may come across as offensive to others. There seems to be a growing issue with online bullying and harassment, look after yourself, don’t post personal details online and always take care with what you do share with others… Remember you’rE posting to the world these days :)

Catherine Connors, De-Stress 4 Life


Tip 12) Be innovative, creative and challenge yourself. The key to social media is being interesting online. Team this with personality and let it shine through.

Christina Gilibert, CG Online Marketing



Remember, Any digital communication should be fun, but well thought out. Once posted or sent, you can’t edit. And consider your reputation and brand.

Merry Christmas everybody – Here’s to 2012…. Hip, hip……!


Please feel free to comment with your own tip.


  1. Sian Phillips

    Some great points mentioned above. I think it’s important to be yourself. Chat to people and help if you see people asking questions that you can answer. Share people’s blogs etc and then hopefully they will share yours sometimes too. 

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Agreed Sian – a generous nature is noted online and people reciprocate in turn. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Catherine Connors

    Lovely post Tina and some great points, Social Media is a journey in many ways and we all continue to learn along the way, sometimes the hard way.

  3. Niall Devitt

    Thanks for including my tip, Tina :)

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