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Well hello there and welcome to a series of blog posts which aim to answer all of those digital questions that I'm asked on a daily basis by businesses.


This is a question I’m asked at practically every meeting and highlights to me how important the activity of blogging has become (or about to) for many businesses.

How much should I blog?blogging, wordpress

This question goes in the box with ‘how many pages should I have on my website’ and ‘how many people should I talk to online’. The answer is much the same – the more you do, the more chance you have of:

  • Increasing readership
  • Being seen online (includes search engines)
  • Someone contacting you about what you do or offer

At the same time, the extended answer depends on three things :

  • You
  • Your time, and
  • Your business


We were not all born ‘J K Rowling’ or ‘Shakespeare’. We each have our strengths and for the majority of us, writing isn’t one of them. So be honest with yourself – would you be keen to write your blog posts, or would you prefer to outsource this activity to a ghost writer. Millions of businesses do it, it’s not wrong, although I will suggest that you involve yourself in some way when working with a ghostwriter (helping to select topics, providing some research or mentioning particualr activities/events to blog about).

If you do enjoy a good write and are eager to give it a whirl -then we say go for it! It’s one of those activities that the more you do, the better you become at it.

Your time

We are all busy bees, going about our daily routines. When we look at starting a blog, we have to make time for this responsibily (I don’t use this word lightly; it’s part of your job, as opposed to a hobby).

We can’t pause time, or slot another piece of time into our days. And days do not lengthen because we need more time. We have to work with the time we have and prioritise, shuffle and make room for new activities. This may involve recording your weekly schedule and looking at ways to be more efficient in your job. It could mean passing on a task to a colleague, or giving up an hour each week of your ‘spare’ time. The choice, as always, is yours.

Your business

If you are a large business then you will have a stream of employees and your marketing/media department will handle your blog posts. This means that daily/weekly posts are a doodle.

If, on the other hand you are a small business owner or one-man band, then churning out this amount of blog posts will be nigh impossible (unless you give up numerous evenings to write). In this case, a bi-monthly or monthly post are likely your preferred options.

Your business industry will also impact on your blog activity. Media bloggers are sure to blog more of them, as are journalists and reporters. This is simply because their readers depend on them to bring up-to-date news. As news is so rapid these days, it stands to reason that the reporting(blogs) must be too.

We hope that this answers the question of ‘how much should I blog’ for all our readers. But if not, then pop a comment in the comment post for us. And if you need us for ghost blogging or strategies, then give us a call on +353 (0)21 4828027 and we’ll help you out.


  1. Marie Ennis-O'Connor

    The question of how often to post content on your blog is one you can hear a lot of differing opinions on. I manage several blogs, but I can tell you that the one that I post most frequently to,is the one with more traffic, more links, more subscribers and a stronger community of followers. While almost daily posting on this blog has has worked for me, it won’t suit everyone. You may become overwhelmed by the need to post frequently, lose the momentum and lose interest in the blog – and this will be reflected in your posts when you do write. Readers may become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you are spewing out. I overcome the latter of these by alternating my posts between a short daily thought for the day, which readers may dip into, and more detailed, informative posts once a week. I also feature guest bloggers to add some variety, another voice and to ease the pressure of blogging for me.As for writing fatigue, I can honestly say I have never had it once. Because I am passionate about what I write about (another key to successful blogging), and have lots of information I want to share with readers.

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Hi Marie,
      Yes, it is about balnace and what your readers can handle – great points!
      Gues posts are a wonderful way to ease the pressure on yourself, mix things up a bit and vary the style.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Frank Sheridan

    the 3rs have finally gone into retirement with the wicked wide world.The 3rs in national school were 1-Reading.2.wRiting.3aRithmetic.This is what we call progress and maybe the goalposts have moved.l

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