How to differentiate yourself online

dare-to-be-different-onlineThis is a  topic that is close to my heart because differentiating ourselves is key to survival in the competitive online world.

People are far from loyal. It’s simply too easy to navigate to another website, and you don’t feel bad because the website owner doesn’t know. And what they don’t know can’t hurt them, right?


In the same way that a sale can be lost by a prospective customer walking out of a shop door, a website conversion can be lost when a visitor navigates away from the website.

The job of every website owner, is to ensure that a website is attractive,
easy to read, simple to navigate, has no errors and can sustain the attention span of a two-year old.

I could write for Ireland on all the ways to build the reputation and quality of your website, but today I’m going to concentrate on one aspect – Differentiating yourself.

Uniquely yours

Never be scared to be different or experimental. While commercially-driven websites appeal in regards to architecture, adding a unique feel to a website will get it noticed.

Here are a few examples of unique websites with an emphasis on design and style:


Trends or trend setting

We all follow trends in one form or another – whether its the latest fashion
fix or social media hangout. What’s important for commerce is to introduce
these trends.

What’s important for differentiation is HOW you use these trends.

Have you noticed how social media icons have progressed?

All the designers here are setting new trends in design.

Deciding when to add a ‘pin it‘ or ‘Google+ button‘ to a website is again
about following trends in the industry. A website can quickly become out-dated if the style, design and features are not tweeked in line with changing trends.

There is always an opening for website owners to be inventive and innovative by trying out new trends and ways doing things. Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it won’t be a ig hit and catch on. Every new trend has to start somewhere.

Concentrate on content

Delight your visitors with content that appeals to them by catering to their interests. When you write for your target customers, you show that you meet their needs and are customer-focused.

Keep your content demand-led and interesting. Use your personality and unique style to be inventive with the wording and imagery. Stay true to your brand, yet step outside the box once in a while.

Aspire and inspire

Aspire to be more than you are, and you will succeed. When you do this, you inspire others to follow. This is the path of innovation.

So my last note is to be inspirational…..and reach for the sky. It may be closer than you think.

Special thanks to Catherine Connors for recommending one of the links above!

Have you been inspired to differentiate yourself online? How are you unique?


  1. Anonymous

    Great post as always.

    1. Christina Giliberti

       Thanks Michael!

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