Join a new group in Cork to discuss digital

As digital develops – lets get together and discuss it!

Since starting my own business I’ve learnt a good few things, yet the two that keep popping up time and time again are:digital-group-cork

  1. Business can be lonely
  2. Digital moves fast

Today I’m issuing an invite to set up a group in Cork, which will meet every two weeks and discuss new ways of utilising digital media and communications.

This is an open invitation, although I would ask that those wishing to join have a high degree of understanding about how digital communications and social media work in a business sense,  and follow changing trends in the marketplace and industry.

You don’t have to be a digital consultant or marketer. You don’t even have to be a business owner, BUT you must be motivated and be willing to contribute to ideas. You must also have the authority to test out these ideas.


  • We form a group that becomes a close-knit community in Cork
  • We support each other’s ideas and build better ones
  • We progress digital comms in Cork
  • We pave the way online for other businesses

If you’re interested, then email me - or comment on this post.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Tori Hawthorne


    This is a very interesting area to me… Would love to know more ;)

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