Facebook timeline for businesses – explained

Either I’m physic or spying on you, because I can see you’re scratching your head in confusion and muttering a few obsanities about Facebook’s new timeline for businesses.

Am I right?

Well despair no more, because I’m going to run through the new Facebook business page changes.



  • The layout is identical to the timeline on your personal page. That’s a HUUGEEE splash banner at the top (851 width x 315 height px).

Profile image

  • Tiny profile thumbnail image (124width x 125height px – but the minimum upload size is 180 x 180).

Top left

  • Category, location, phone number and a link to your ‘about’ page.

Top right

  • Messages – Undoubtably the best update – you can now message businesses directly. However, that does leave pages exposed to spamming, so watch out.
  • Four boxes – Photos, Likes and what was formly your tabs. You can have upto eight, but four will show as default. Around on the far right will un-hide these.
  • Your status box is next down, on the left. All options are the same apart from a new addition; milestone. Here you can date an event.

Next on right

  • Selection of fan thumbnails and total count.

Main timeline

Then we plough into the actual timeline and here you have a few options. You can:

Set a post as a feature

This moves your update to the top and spreads it across the full width of the page.

Include a milestone

An even bigger dedicated place, both width-ways and in height. Be sure to add a photo

Pin an update

Pushes your update to the top for a maximum of seven days.

RIP Welcome pages

No more welcome pages on tabs in the left-hand side column. Tabs are now visible top right – as boxes.

The new timeline style pages will give you a chance to be much more creative and strategic with your updates and use of space. But this is part and parcel of the fun of social media.

Share your new pages below so we can comment on your creative direction.


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  2. Siebel CRM Client List

    Its easy to share and more interesting facts and figures out in the middle of time-lined Facebook.

    1. Christina Giliberti

      Definately getting more interesting, that’s for sure! Thanks for commenting.

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