How to Market Better with Facebook Timeline

In this post I’m going to explain the new features on Facebook timeline and how you can market better by using them.

If you have made the switch over to the new Facebook timeline for business page, then how are you finding it?

It’s tough getting used to a completely new layout and learning to how to use it effectively, so hopefully the tips below will give some inspiration and knowledge to market better on Facebook timeline.

Cover image

Your cover image acts like a mask head or banner. It towers over your page and has the ability to set a mood or theme. Despite Facebook’s strict rules (no contact information, no discounts or offers), there is a high degree of scope.

Covers can personalise your page and can be easily updated to ‘freshen’ the page. You can be stylish, bold, classy, comical, sassy, intelligent, trendy or professional.


Here are a few examples we designed this week – notice how each captures your mood and tells you something about the business:

(Shameless plug: We’ll offering to design one custom cover image for €50 until 30th March – how about messaging us on the FB page for details ; 0 ))

Some excellent examples here:

Very inspiring!


Custom boxes

Under your cover image, you’ll see four boxes. Photos and Likes are first – then the rest are your tabs from before the change. By default you’ll only see four boxes, although you can click on the little rey arrow to reveal the rest.

These boxes are handy for drawing attention to custom pages, your blog, email sign up, notes, presentations and more. Also, many of the apps for these will allow you to add a custom thumbnail image to really persoanlise your boxes.

Remember – you can change these around depending on your marketing activity, switch images and add new apps.

Message button

Due to the risk of excessive spam, the message inbox was never a feature for Facebook business pages, however it has now been introduced for the new timeline.

Obviously this means a higher contact rate and will hopefully mean a higher sales rate for businesses.

As a new feature, do draw attention to the fact that fans can contact you, but only do so in conjunction with a post and as a call to action. Be clear on the purpose (to discuss a new service we’re running, to make an enquiry, to ask a question about an event).

Pinned Posts

This is my favourite feature as it allows you to ‘Pin’ a post for up to seven days, at the top of the timeline.

You can only Pin one post at any one time, so be selective. This is useful for  timed offers and promotions, for voting, for an event sign up – anything that you are running over a period of time.


Featured Posts

By selecting ‘featured post’ you can maximise the visibility of your post. Featured posts take up the entire width of the page (not moved to the top or will stay there). The benefit here is space and impact – these updates are much more noticable.


Give each of your milestone a glorious moment in the sun. That’s effectively what setting an event as a milestone does. You can attach an image for effect and mark all your special occasions.

Timeline is full of ways to help engage your fans and provide powerful ways to market. The emphasis really is on the content strategy and use of the page, so I wish you plenty of luck!

You can comment with your thoughts and links to any pages that you feel are marketing better because of Facebook Timeline.

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