Revealing…Charities Behind the Lens

In January this year I had a dream. I was jogging in the UK with sweat dripping down my back; slurping from a carton of Ribena. I’d never felt more energised and purposeful.

The pinned number to my Charities behind the lensfront had the logo of a favourite charity and I had raised over €1000 for them.

Since moving to fairer shores, this sense of purpose has been channeled elsewhere, yet something was always missing – not being part of a charity.

So, I thought about running again. I thought about partnering up and issuing donations throughout the year.


And then I topped all of these thoughts and came up with Charities Behind the Lens.

Here’s a little vid to explain.

As I mentioned in the vid, I don’t wanna say too much. I’d much rather gain some intrigue and let you follow the blog (and videos) to experience the project as it unfolds.

Catch next week’s post when we reveal our first charity.

Your guesses are welcome!

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