Revealing Our First Charity

If you read our introductory post about Charities Behind the Lens, then you are no doubt wondering who the first lucky charity is.

It feels a little like the great unveiling at an opening event, so treat this first paragraph as the red closed curtains, ready to be opened when you read the name.

This charity is near Blarney, Cork. They work with animals and they have changed lives for the better. With additional funding, they would double their operations and reach many more suffering adults and children.

Curious? Haha.

I’d like to announce (with a virtual flourish of the red curtain) Dogs For the Disabled.

Dogs For the Disabled breed and train dogs for disabled adults and children in Ireland. They are the only charity that offers this particular service and that makes them extremely special.

Over the years, the staff have seen first-hand the positive effects that assistance dogs have on a person’s life; from bolstering self confidence to persuing a more independent lifestyle, plus of course, the simple joy of having man’s (and women’s!) best friend at their side.

Over the course of April and May I will be tailing the charity in the guise of videographer, compiling little blog posts and video snippets, and giving you insider footage.

And to kick off the project, Jennifer Dowler, founder of Dogs for the Disabled is here to tell you about the charity in two videos, it’s history and the good work it does. Enjoy!

Now doesn’t that give you paws for thought…


  1. Marie Ennis-O'Connor

    This is a wonderful idea Christina – great to get a behind the scenes look at the great work of this charity,. 

    1. Christina Giliberti

      It’s a enjoyable initiative and going really well. It’s amazing how much the camera catches ; 0 )

  2. Christina Giliberti

    You’re welcome and I’m really lucky to get a chance to work with you and see first-hand the amazing things you do.

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