When Aaron Met Bruno

If you missed last week’s post introducing our first charity for Charities Behind the Lens, then track-back, read the post and view Jennifer’s amazing videos on the history and success stories of Irish Dogs for the Disabled.

Part of that success is down to the pairing of dog and owner, which brings me to this week’s post.

Today I’m going to tell (and show) the story of when Aaron met Bruno.

Now little Aaron is cute as a button, with the widest, piercing blue eyes and a shy personality…until he met Bruno that is! You see, Bruno is a very special dog. Trained from a pup to be more than (wo)man’s best friend. He’s the dog that all the other school kids are going to fuss over. He’s the dog that gets to sleep in a big snuggly bed under the stairs. And he’s the dog that is going to transform little Aaron into an independent young man. Because behind those startling blue eyes, Aaron has a secret that he can’t hide. He suffers from Spastic Quadriplegia and Celebral Palsy.

It’s a deliberating disease that affects the mobility of the limbs, his speech and a multitude of other things. An unfair and unjust thing for a child to suffer from, but fortunately for Aaron, he has the support of a loving family…..

Now you might wonder what role a dog like Bruno can play. Well, Bruno has had to go through gruelling training so that he can support Aaron in his everyday tasks. He can help him walk, pick things up in his mouth, collect things – and this is the best one – he can put all his weight in front of Aaron to stop him moving when he crosses the road and a car is coming. Bet you get now why he’s a wonder dog ; 0 )

As I’m sitting, surrounded by the camaraderie and sipping a fresh mug of tea, I become aware of something so beautiful that I’m almost scared to film and disturb the moment…but some things are just made to be captured…

Looking on and chatting amicably with Jennifer is Belinda; Aaron’s mum. She seems to be as excited as Aaron is and is asking as many questions as she can about Bruno. Because Belinda knows that Bruno is more than a companion for Aaron and has high hopes of what he can do for Aaron. But I’ll let her fill you in on those…

These are high hopes indeed, but we have every faith that Bruno will fulfill them.

Next week we’ll be sharing videos of some active canines who just wanna walk…for charity.


  1. Danny Harris

    Brilliant, best of luck to Aaron and Bruno, and well done to Irish Dogs for the Disabled.

  2. Lmervue

    Great to read this Aaron is getting on fantastic with bruno

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