Watch those doggies walk for the cause

If you missed the last two posts introducing our first charity for Charities Behind the Lens and our story on Arron and Bruno, then track back and read/watch. It will certainly get you excited about Irish Dogs for the Disabled and the fine work they are doing
in Ireland.

This week I’m taking a slightly different angle – a lower angle as it happens, as I follow some active canines who are walking to raise funds in Dungarvan, Waterford. But despite the fact that all dogs are happy just to enjoy the fresh air while out walking, here, they are walking for a purpose. They’re walking so that a local lad called Owen can finally own an assistance dog.You see, Owen has been on the Irish Dogs for the Disabled list for about two years and is keen to be matched with a dog. But costs are high, so the community of Dungarvan are supporting him today. In fact, this is just one of many fundraising walks to raise funds for Owen.

As you tell, this fine mix of doggies has a big dream to fulfill!

And look, they are so happy trotting along and barking. See….

The event was a huge success (I really enjoyed the fresh air myself….minus a dog!) and at the end everybody took a well-earned break before heading across to a local bar for some grub. We even had an ourdoor area all to ourselves so the dogs could have a treat…or two And that’s before the doggy prizes were handed out.

Here we all are after our walk. No huffing and puffing either.

I’m pleased to report that the dog walking event raised €1000 euros and this summer Owen is going to meet his dog and begin his training. It really warms your heart to be part of something like this and see a community band together to support someone in need. I know that after the event, I was sorry to leave….but there’ll always be a next time! So, if you fancy treating your dog to some ‘pack time’ and help raise some funds for someone in your community, then give Irish Dogs for the Disabled a call. You might even get a t-shirt!

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