Win a FREE Book ‘The 10K Record’ by Christopher Healy

Today is your final chance to win a FREE signed copy of ‘The 10K Record’ by Christopher Healy.

I’m in awe.

I’m in awe of the author Christopher Healy, who has proven to be an outstanding and extremely generous guy. I’m in awe that a regular man can achieve the things that Christopher has achieved. I’m in awe and I’m thankful that people like Christopher live among us, because they are an inspiration to the whole world.

And here’s why …

This year Christopher raised over 15,000 for the ‘Share a Dream Foundation’. While his son battled non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he battled a world record (for the longest dive). While his son gained copious amounts of support from the Share a Dream team, Christopher gained copious amounts of motivation to support the foundation that supported his son.

While most of us would curl up in a corner and scream ‘Why? …… Why do this to my only child?’ Christopher and his wife took all their anger and sadness and packaged it into a positive activity.

The 10K Record

I could tell you all about Christopher’s 10K journey under the sea and I’m sure you would smile at the end of it. However, I know that if you read his book first-hand; with tales from all supporter viewpoints, that you would be in floods of tears. It may even inspire you to do great things with your own life. It’s certainly inspired me, which is why I’m supporting his launch.

Win a FREE copy

On Sunday 6th May, The 10K Record will be available to buy.  You can also order your book at Hughes & Hughes bookshop in Ennis.

But just for today (as it’s the final day before launch) you can win a FREE copy of The 10K Record.

All you have to do is:

  • Your comment must begin with the words ‘Today I’m Diving …..’.

Examples: Today I’m diving into a big slice of cheesecake, today I’m diving into a sea of people at a party…….be creative!

The winner will receive a free signed copy with a personal message from Christopher. Good luck!

As this is the last post before launch, I’d like to share the posts from fellow supporters this week:


Lastly – Christopher’s son Stephen is in remission and progress is looking good! Fingers crossed….


  1. Marie Ennis-O'Connor

    We can all learn a lot from Christopher’s story of determination and focus! 

    1. Catherine Connors

      I completely agree Marie :)

  2. Denis Coleman

    Today I’m Diving into a day away from working on my business and focussing on something else instead…YAY…

    1. Catherine Connors

      Sounds good Denis :)

  3. Lorna

    Glad to hear Stephen is doing well.
    I’m diving into some painting shortly :)

    1. Catherine Connors

      I hope the painting went well Lorna, I’m diving into my emails this morning :) (would prefer to be painting) :)

  4. Christina Giliberti

    Thanks for the comments guys. Good luck to Denis and Lorna. Both sound great…hope the painting goes well ; 0 )

  5. Aisling

    Today I’m diving into a great new book … I hope!

    1. Christina Giliberti

       Ha ha ha, great one Aisling and good luck!

    2. Catherine Connors

      Like it Aisling and congrats :)

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