This week’s BIG 10 (news for techies, socialites + webbies)






It seems the summer is sizzling hot….with news…. (we won’t even mention the weather, that would just be wrong!)

So here are the BIG ten pieces of digital news from the week. Prepare to be amazed.

Blog Awards Ireland 2012
Grafton Media are the headline sponsors for the Blog Awards Ireland so slot October 13th in the diary and if you have a blog worth an entry, then try your luck between now and July 16th.

FOMO [Infographic]
FOMO has been recognised as a serious illness, but do you know what it is? If you’re a social media enthusiast, then best check out what FOMO is.

Find Friends Nearby
Facebook has now made it much easier to find people who are local with Find Friends Nearby (handy when so many users have a similar name!)

Smart TV
If you’re smart, you might wait a while before buying the new smart TVs that are populating the Currys stores near you. Then again, its wayyy too addictive to avoid for long, but what are they all about and are they worth the money?

Android app for Pinterest
Would it be all that surprising if Pinterest suddenly announced an Android app? Narrrr

Euro 2012 Twitter frenzy
Twitter practically red-lined after England crashed out of Euro 2012.

Mallow Open Coffee is re-launching
If you’re a Cork-based business and you fancy meeting some like-minded businesses in Mallow, then show your face at the re-launch of Mallow Open Coffee

Bing maps
Microsoft and Bing have been busy launching their mapping technology. US here, Europe to come

Waiting for Twitter update
Twitter might be instant, but you still have to wait for the updates. News of the new Egyptian President was tense to say the least

Facebook buys Instagram and now you can share instantly
Fans of Instagram will love this – now you can share directly on Facebook

Anything we missed? Just comment with a link.

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