This week’s BIG 10 (news for techies, socialites + webbies)






Its great to have you join us. Pull up a chair, make yourself comfortable. Tea?
Ok, now you’re all cozy you can read this week’s BIG ten; the first of many.

Wave + pay

Ireland is paving the way for some serious digital tech – although not 100% new – wave and pay is a HUGE step for us to test the water (so proud).

Explore London 2012 and never miss a sport

Missing the Olympics? Well I’m not, I’ll be accessing all the highlights on ‘Explore London’. Check it out.

Total #fail for Sweden

The #fail that captivated the world …. and for all the wrong reasons. Must read to believe the shocking tweets, but a word of warning…it ain’t pretty!


Facebook and WordPress snuggle up for some up close and personal time.

Facebook lose a Chief of Digital to Startup

The milestone events continue at Facebook, and not all of them ‘good’. How could you pack in FB for a start-up…even if it is your own?!

More ‘deactivated’ fans on Facebook pages

If you have experienced a fan increase. We know why.

Twitter gets Polls

Not to be outdone, Twitter has made some changes too, in the form of polls. Ooo-er

Google supports ‘Stop bad ads’

‘What do we want?’ ‘Stop bad ads’. ‘When do we want it?’ ‘Now!’ Google gets political to rid the world of bad ads.

Pinterest is looking for translators

Si può parlare italiano? Est-ce que vous pouvez parler français ? 你能說中文嗎?If you can understand any of these – Pinterest wants you!

World Social Media Day in Cork – 30th June

Lastly – save the date (Sat 30th June) and join all of Cork at the Rubicon for a mega social event.

Anything we missed? Just comment with a link.

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