Want your charity to be filmed? Read on

Charities Behind the Lens has kept me busy the last few months as I filmed a ‘behind the scenes’ account of life at Irish Dogs for the Disabled.
Each piece of filming was included in a blog and shared far and wide, because let’s be honest – most people have no idea what actually happens at a Charity.

The support and feedback was FANTASTIC and I know that it has given Irish Dogs for the Disabled that extra coverage and interest. And we still have one more bit of filming to do….the finale with all the bells, whistles, fireworks…you get the picture!

Which leads me to you

Now I need to find a new topic for the camera for September; another charity that would love to be featured, filmed and shared with millions of people online. So if YOU know of a charity that isn’t overly main-stream and in and around Cork, then send us a message.

Imagine – your favorite local charity on posts like this one of Aaron and Bruno or this one to melt hearts.

All you have to do is have a chat with your chosen charity and if they’re interested, send us a message: christina[@] (remove the brackets first).


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