Make Google LOVE you:SEO changes 2012

Google has been busy rolling out a ton of new updates for 2012. After months of drip-feeding minor updates here and there, It’s little wonder then that after all the edging into the social world, they’ve finally admitted that social actions are A BIG DEAL on Google.

If you have embraced the socialite world – good stuff, keep at it and Google will reward you with visitors a’plenty. Although to gain an edge, you will need to learn some SEO tactics to improve what you have.

Anyone who finds social media painful will most likely be wailing the corner about now…..probably watching their Google rankings slip along with their dreams of online success.

Here’s a list of the notable points within Google’s update AND what you need to do to improve/adapt your SEO tactics:

Keep it fresh

How often do you update your page and how long between updates? Fresh content is two-fold – frequent and consistent. That’s lots of updates guys! So keep the content flowing on all channels, especially your website. Lots of content = very happy Google.

Emphasis on relevance and engagement

Relevancy has always been close to Google’s heart and relevant content breeds engagement (just because relevant content is interesting for your audience).


Improve your social media connections – build a web footprint and Google will see that you are well-connected and a force to be reckoned with. That includes being active on social channels, joining in on discussions, creating regular updates and generally chatting online a lot.


A’ha, now you’ve tricked Google into thinking your content is nice and fresh – you’ve copied a few bits here and there from other site. Saved yourself time, but Google has not been hoodwinked. After scanning billions of sites, it has records of what it saw where and if it’s seen it before, it’s not UNIQUE. So, get used to thinking up your own content. Start small and relevant, then push the flow when you become more confident.

Popular links

Links to other sites have always been a strong point, but Google is looking much deeper into those links online. Ideally you want to link to sites that are high quality and rank well online. They rank well, you rank well.

I can give you the facts, but I can’t magically produce more hours in the day for you to update your online offerings and improve your SEO. So if you like the thought of someone doing it for you, give me a call on 021 4828027 or fill out our handy form.

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