The week’s Digital BIG 10

Over the last few weeks, the Olympics has dominated the news, advertising and our dreams (or is that just me and my unfulfilled fantasy of cycling faster that Chris Hoy on a unicycle!), so you might be forgiven for thinking that nothing else happened. O’ contrare…

Broadcast Journalism
Social God Brian Solis has been tirelessly trumping Broadcast Journalism in the social media space. Nice post here on a new start in this direction

Google street view grows
Google street view gets even better as it expands to the far reaches of the globe. Impressive!

Facebook recommendations bar
Facebook developers spill the beans on a new recommendations bar social plugin

Experience the Olympics online
How did you experience the Olympics? Online, TV, following a Twitter hashtag? Isn’t is wonderful how social media has allowed us to experience epic events like the Olympics

Google fiber
Launch of Google Fiber with internet speeds 100 times faster. Imagine

Fail for Labrokes digital strategy
Strategy is everything online and if it fails…..god help you. Unfortunately Ladbrokes Digital Director didn’t fare too well

Google Doodles
Google is becoming a dab-hand at these trending Doodles. A different sports doodle each day….love it!

Hacking smartphones
Cyber hackers are after your smartphones. Are you secure?

Digital and legal
Great to hear that even the legal space is getting digital. Now you can apply for Power of Attorney online

Twitter #fail for Olympics
Did you suffer from Twitter despair just before London 2012 as Twitter went offline?

Anything we missed? Just comment with a link.

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