Musing: Business blogs Vs personal blogs

If you read as many blogs as I do, you will most likely split them into two groups; business blogs (academic) and personal blogs.

The business blogs are read to update your knowledge in some way, or to gain insights and statistics. These blogs are usually well-structured, objective-driven and purposeful. The creme de la creme strike an easy balance of personality and formality and produce plenty of ‘hmmmm’ and ‘ar ha’ moments.

The personal blog declares itself with a bold zesty title. These blogs are not for the faint-hearted and usually discuss relationships, motherhood, fashion and all the in-betweens. They drop f-bombs constantly, make you giggle hysterically and using zig-zag around a topic.

But which do you prefer reading? When would you read them and who ‘does it’ for you with blogging style?

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