Google Analytics Training Anyone?

I’m delighted to be able to finally announce a new venture. I will be teaching Google Analytics in an eight week online course later this month.

It’s an absolute pleasure, as there are a series of courses available, all taught by experienced, professionals in the digital sphere.

If you are looking to dive into data and explore Google Analytics, then sign up. It’s an intensive eight week course designed for beginners. I’ll show you all aspects of the Google Analaytics dashboard and how to compare date ranges, segment data for deeper, targeted analysis. Plus we wil get to grips with A/B testing, campaign tracking and inclusion of social media post level data.

As part of the course, you will also benefit from three month forum support. Here we’ll be able to discuss topics together in detail and share group insights.

I’m over the moon, as teaching lights me up and I’m looking forward to meeting lots of data-hungry individuals who will finish the course feeling ‘hopefully’ as passionate as I do about analytics.
So, curious?

Log onto

Watch my little video – I don’t even want to tell you how many takes I did to get that version…haha

I’m certain you will love the course and my quirky humour…Looking forward to seeing you there!

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