Google Analytics is a web-based statistical reporting solution which tracks activity on your website. By monitoring your traffic, you can gain insights and marketing trends which determine how well your website and associated digital marketing is working for you.

Why analytical insights are important for website performance

The advent of email marketing meant, not only could individuals be targeted and messages sent instantly, but their subsequent interaction could be tracked and measured, thus empowering the sender with insightful feedback.

This way of marketing, which includes websites, banners and other digital forms, records and processes this information over time, developing a profile of usage which can then be used to determine:

  • What is happening now
  • What happens next
  • Where is it happening
  • What is working or not working
  • What changes make a difference
  • How visitors interact and navigate
  • Why this is happening
  • Which visitors or actions produce a conversion or precede a goal
  • How valuable are these actions on a comparative (and monetary) scale

These insights can then be used to formulate a plan to address your findings, such as – increasing goal conversions, improving navigation, editing content and internal linking or expanding your marketing activity to include email campaigns, social media, banner advertising and sponsored advertising (Adwords).

The purpose of Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used for the purpose of tracking:

  • General traffic statistics
  • Goals and conversions
  • Referral, direct and search engine traffic
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Geo-graphical locations
  • Website segments
  • Adword campaigns
  • E-commerce metrics
  • Benchmarking
  • Customer loyalty

Google Analytics can be set up, and you can be either trained or your Google Analytics account can be managed for you. In both cases, monthly or quarterly statistical Insight reports can be provided.

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