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Want your charity to be filmed? Read on

Charities Behind the Lens has kept me busy the last few months as I filmed a ‘behind the scenes’ account of life at Irish Dogs for the Disabled. Each piece of filming was included in a blog and shared far and wide, because let’s be honest...

Puppy Love

These little bundles of energy with soulful eyes have no idea how important they will one day be, or how much they will need to rely on that energy. Because the role of a puppy at Irish Dogs for the Disabled is an important one!

Watch those doggies walk for the cause

This week in Charities Behind the Lens, I'm taking a slightly different angle - a lower angle as it happens, as I follow some active canines who are walking to raise funds in Dungarvan, Waterford.

Win a FREE Book ‘The 10K Record’ by Christopher Healy

Win a FREE signed copy of The 10K Record' by Christopher Healy by commenting on this post today.

When Aaron Met Bruno

If you missed last week’s post introducing our first charity for Charities Behind the Lens, then track-back, read the post and view Jennifer’s amazing videos on the history and success stories of Irish Dogs for the Disabled. Part of that success¬†is...

What’s Our Digital Future?

Digital communications are moving at the speed of light as popularity drives demand for new innovations. Just this week I watched a video from 'Quest to Learn' about a more interactive classroom learning experience for kids. I remember the day when our...

Revealing Our First Charity

If you read our introductory post about Charities Behind the Lens, then you are no doubt wondering who the first lucky charity is. It feels a little like the great unveiling at an opening event, so treat this first paragraph as the red closed curtains,...

Revealing…Charities Behind the Lens

In January this year I had a dream. I was jogging in the UK with sweat dripping down my back; slurping from a carton of Ribena. I'd never felt more energised and purposeful.

How to Market Better with Facebook Timeline

In this post I’m going to explain the new features on Facebook timeline and how you can market better by using them. If you have made the switch over to the new Facebook timeline for business page, then how are you finding it? It’s tough getting...

Facebook timeline for businesses – explained

Either I'm physic or spying on you, beacause I can see you're scratching your head in confusion and muttering a few obsanities about Facebook's new timeline for businesses. I'm running through theme here.