The Online Advocate is part and parcel of CG Online Marketing, which provides a range of online marketing services to SME's and corporates. Our team of marketers has over ten years experience in online marketing communications from working with Premier Recruitment Group, LA Fitness, Monarch Airlines, Thomson Travel and a host of other companies. Specialties:Online marketing Online media Social Media/Social Marketing SEO / PPC Google analytics (qualified in GA IQ) Web trends + insights, Data segmentation and targeting, Customer Behavior analysis, Digital design, Writing, Ethical marketing Green marketing / Sustainable tourism and Hotel + travel online marketing On a personal note, Our MD, Christina is a keen writer and poet and has been a dancer since the age of two. She even got to the stage of ballet in point shoes!

The writing christmas cracker game

I LOVE Christmas and I lOVE writing, so it didn't take long to think up the 'The writing christmas cracker game'. Its open to all who dare to tell a story; novice or experienced writers. Just read the blog and add a comment with your piece of teh story

Social media fears and how to address them

Everything you read these days has a connection to social media, because everyone is doing it. But How many of us are scared of social media?

In-page analytics for powerful click monitoring

Google have released the beta version of 'In-page analytics' and I'm loving it! Find out what you can learn >>

To sell or not to sell

A poem with hidden messages and symbolism. Read 'To sell or not to sell'

How to market your biz better: Part 1:Branding

What does the word branding actually mean? Branding is all to do with perception and positioning. Companies ‘brand’ themselves to be appealing to the market they wish to do business with. Branding is much more than a logo and applies to the whole...

Using online behaviours in your strategy planning

Most of us are aware that insights into human behaviours can guide our sales strategy, but how many exactly put this into action? Here are some behavioural insights to consider...

How to shine online

Reached the point where your online presence is positively dull and lacks luster? Your digital self can shimmer and glow just as radiantly with an online makeover. Read on ...

The Matrix

A poem which revives and evokes the idea of the Matrix.

Learning the ‘quantum’ of online marketing

Here’s my top ten list of learning the ‘quantum’ of online marketing...

Unconscious Path – Chapter 1

I'm welcoming keen readers to read through the opening chaper of my work in progress - a fantasy fiction novel called Unconscious Path - Happy reading! Talk me what you think...