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It’s networking…but not as we know it

It's networking... but not as we know it. Work Women in Business is no ordinary 'networking' group.It's an inspiring and innovative mix; a twist of individualism, shameless fun and business-focused support. It may be even be foreign in this galaxy, but...

A happy New Year message from us

A happy New Year message from us

Eleven Web Writing tips from the Experts

At the start of the month, we shared some of our top tips for writing on the web. As a follow up, we asked some business experts about writing and they were eager to share some tips of their own…. Tip 1) ‘Writing for the web is fundamentally...

Achieve royal greatness: like our future king on his wedding day

Watching the Royal Wedding has been a moving event in so many ways - the actual ceromony was beautiful, Prince William and Kate looked adorable, and a huge part of the wedding was in memoradum of the late Princess Diana.

Happy Easter from CG Online Marketing

We just wanted to wish you a 'Eggstastic Easter' from CG Online Marketing.

Marketing your biz better: part 3: Pricing and Positioning

This is part three of a four part series on marketing your biz better. This part centres on Pricing and Positioning - how pricing affects your products and services, how changes are percieved and which you should choose for your company.

Market your biz better: Part 2:Ethics

I discussed branding in part 1, this instalment is all about Ethics and ethical behaviour. What are ethics, what part do they play in our lives and what ethics are involved in marketing ...

Why you should embrace a ‘greener’ business

You've heard the phase ' The grass is always greener on the other side'. Well, if we don't embrace a 'greener' business, the grass will not be greener - it will be NON-EXISTANT. It's a sad truth, but most of us are happy to 'watch the grass grow' and...

How to market your biz better: Part 1:Branding

What does the word branding actually mean? Branding is all to do with perception and positioning. Companies ‘brand’ themselves to be appealing to the market they wish to do business with. Branding is much more than a logo and applies to the whole...

Is beauty only skin deep?

I recently submitted a post on the correlation between confidence and success, and was surprised to find how many responded and expanded on this concept. This post is a follow up as such, and discusses the impact of beauty in the world and how it affects...