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It’s networking…but not as we know it

It's networking... but not as we know it. Work Women in Business is no ordinary 'networking' group.It's an inspiring and innovative mix; a twist of individualism, shameless fun and business-focused support. It may be even be foreign in this galaxy, but...

A happy New Year message from us

A happy New Year message from us

Achieve royal greatness: like our future king on his wedding day

Watching the Royal Wedding has been a moving event in so many ways - the actual ceromony was beautiful, Prince William and Kate looked adorable, and a huge part of the wedding was in memoradum of the late Princess Diana.

Is beauty only skin deep?

I recently submitted a post on the correlation between confidence and success, and was surprised to find how many responded and expanded on this concept. This post is a follow up as such, and discusses the impact of beauty in the world and how it affects...

Is there a correlation between confidence and success?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been struck by the amount of arrogance that surrounds us. This arrogance, or – to use a tamer term – confidence, is in the mainstream and used by those with an element of success.