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Google Analytics Training Anyone?

If you are looking to dive into data and explore Google Analytics, then sign up for my intensive eight week course designed for beginners. I'll show you all aspects of the Google Analaytics dashboard and how to compare date ranges, segment data for deeper,...

Ecommerce Guide: Insights Using Google Analytics, Part 1

As an ecommerce store owner, understanding your customers is everything. Start learning how to analyse your traffic statistics with our guides.

Heat map insights for website owners

How powerful are heat maps and what do they show website and social media page owners? Heat maps can unravel the mystery of what visitors are looking at on their websites and social media page.

A happy New Year message from us

A happy New Year message from us

Social Media Chat + Case Study: Optimal Chiropractic

This week I met with Chiropractor and all-round nice guy; Benjamin Martin of Optimal Chiropractic, to chat about the effect of social media and digital communications on his business.

Social Media Case Study: Armelle’s kitchen

I had the pleasure this week of chatting to business owner Armelle of Armelle's Kitchen about social media and what it has done for her business. Armelle owns a kitchen in Kilcullen, where she crafts the most scrummy cakes, french macarons and tartlets.

Google Analytics Goals & Funnels: Explained

In this post I'm going to explain what a goal is, how to set goals and what funnels are in Google Analytics. Try not to blitz all your brain cells!

Marketing your biz better: part 4: Segmentation & Targeting

I remember when we would write up a few paragraphs of copy, stick in a link to the website homepage, attach our database and click the send button. Nice and easy. One message, one creative, one database. Read a true story ...

In-page analytics for powerful click monitoring

Google have released the beta version of 'In-page analytics' and I'm loving it! Find out what you can learn >>

Using online behaviours in your strategy planning

Most of us are aware that insights into human behaviours can guide our sales strategy, but how many exactly put this into action? Here are some behavioural insights to consider...