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Make Google LOVE you:SEO changes 2012

Google has been busy rolling out a ton of new updates for 2012. After months of drip-feeding minor updates here and there, It's little wonder then that after all the edging into the social world, they've finally admitted that social actions are A BIG...

A happy New Year message from us

A happy New Year message from us

Multi-media online – Don’t wave bye bye to business

You may have noticed that Google has made quite a number of changes to the search engine interface and filters. For users, this provides optimum control over searched content. Those who edit their website once a year and make no investment will want to...

Twitter and promoted tweets

The much speculated arrival of promoted trends on Twitter has now arrived. The test subject: Toy Story 3 is said to have been 'sold' for thousands of dollars.

Will the internet kill the newspaper?

According to a number of news sources from the onset of the year, online marketing and advertising is on the up! Outsell publishing research say that online spending is set to rise to almost 10%. World Wide Worx tells us that the growth of users in South...

Expand your online search horizons

Just when you think you have everything in place and in such a way that every possible search engine has you indexed and ranked - you realise your search horizon is a lot broader than you first thought.