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Revealing Our First Charity

If you read our introductory post about Charities Behind the Lens, then you are no doubt wondering who the first lucky charity is. It feels a little like the great unveiling at an opening event, so treat this first paragraph as the red closed curtains,...

Revealing…Charities Behind the Lens

In January this year I had a dream. I was jogging in the UK with sweat dripping down my back; slurping from a carton of Ribena. I'd never felt more energised and purposeful.

How to Market Better with Facebook Timeline

In this post I’m going to explain the new features on Facebook timeline and how you can market better by using them. If you have made the switch over to the new Facebook timeline for business page, then how are you finding it? It’s tough getting...

Facebook timeline for businesses – explained

Either I'm physic or spying on you, beacause I can see you're scratching your head in confusion and muttering a few obsanities about Facebook's new timeline for businesses. I'm running through theme here.

How to differentiate yourself online

Aspire to be more than you are, and you will succeed. When you do this, you inspire others to follow. This is the path of innovation. Differentiate yourself online.

Join a new group in Cork to discuss digital

As digital develops - lets get together and discuss it in Cork!

Heat map insights for website owners

How powerful are heat maps and what do they show website and social media page owners? Heat maps can unravel the mystery of what visitors are looking at on their websites and social media page.

Q: How much should I blog? A: Read THIS blog

Well hello there and welcome to a series of blog posts which aim to answer all of those digital questions that I'm asked on a daily basis by businesses. In today's post I answer 'How much should I blog?'

5 R’s of digital for 2012

If you haven't already jumped on the digital bandwagon or need a few hints and tips to progress with it this year, then read my 5 R's of digital for 2012 and immerse yourself in the world of digital.

A happy New Year message from us

A happy New Year message from us