Make Google LOVE you:SEO changes 2012

Google has been busy rolling out a ton of new updates for 2012. After months of drip-feeding minor updates here and there, It's little wonder then that after all the edging into the social world, they've finally admitted that social actions are A BIG...

Q: How much should I blog? A: Read THIS blog

Well hello there and welcome to a series of blog posts which aim to answer all of those digital questions that I'm asked on a daily basis by businesses. In today's post I answer 'How much should I blog?'

A happy New Year message from us

A happy New Year message from us

Social Media Case Study: Armelle’s kitchen

I had the pleasure this week of chatting to business owner Armelle of Armelle's Kitchen about social media and what it has done for her business. Armelle owns a kitchen in Kilcullen, where she crafts the most scrummy cakes, french macarons and tartlets.

5 ways to promote your business online

The web is a big place. Imagine the universe and each website is a star. That's a lot of stars! But what if your website could stand out - shine a bit brighter than the rest? Well, that's the best way that I can describe online promotions. They give...

Ranking higher in Google Places

Many thanks to Viv Van Der Holst for asking us about Google Places and ranking higher. Ranking highly in Google Places requires similar optimisation to that of your website, with a few alterations.

Selling Online :

Our new series ‘Selling online’, follows on from our very successful ‘Q&A’s for new business bloggers‘ series. Inspired by the post ‘How to sell online in 60 seconds‘; online retailers can submit their website for us to provide custom...

Extra Q&A’s for New Business Bloggers

As promised, here are the outstanding questions in our ‘Q&A’s for new business bloggers‘ series – The place where you ask a question, and we, well,…answer it. As this is numero four, how about catching up on the previous ...

Top Ten Online Christmas & New Year Tips

We might all think that at Christmas & New Year all we do is watch Eastenders and eat some turkey, but secretly we ponder our businesses. Here are my top ten online tips for the new year...