Musing: Business blogs Vs personal blogs

Friends, fans and retailers - If you are not already trading online, then read on to discover why you should be investing in an ecommerce shop and digital strategy.

What every business wants…digital support

As we do the side-step, I'd like to highlight some of our services which are most in demand and definately the way forward for small businesses. I'm terming them 'what every business wants'.

Eleven Web Writing tips from the Experts

At the start of the month, we shared some of our top tips for writing on the web. As a follow up, we asked some business experts about writing and they were eager to share some tips of their own…. Tip 1) ‘Writing for the web is fundamentally...

Writing Tips for the Web

This month’s theme concentrates on writing for the web. It’s an area that we have cultivated over the years, so we thought we’d share a few pointers to improve your copy and make it web-ready! Tip 1) Aknowledge space When writing for...

Five MORE Q&A’s For New Business Bloggers

Last month I put together a post answering five crucial questions that most new business bloggers ask. This month I decided to take this a step further and give you the opportunity to ask your questions directly. So without further ado, here are your...

Dark mind; dark thoughts

Dark mind; dark thoughts - is a poem about a lost mind

Our Christmas story – the final (unedited) version

Thanks to Frank Bradley, Elaine Rogers, Lena Cole, Betina and Catherine Connors for their creative writing expertsie. Here’s the final version of our Christmas story; kick back and enjoy! Deep in the heart of the valley, a man walked alone. His...

The writing christmas cracker game

I LOVE Christmas and I lOVE writing, so it didn't take long to think up the 'The writing christmas cracker game'. Its open to all who dare to tell a story; novice or experienced writers. Just read the blog and add a comment with your piece of teh story

To sell or not to sell

A poem with hidden messages and symbolism. Read 'To sell or not to sell'

The Matrix

A poem which revives and evokes the idea of the Matrix.