Inbound Marketing – Social Media/PR

We offer a range of Inbound Marketing options for social media platforms-

Social media is a way of marketing through interaction on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Blogs and specialist sites such as Foursquare and Pinterest. By utilising these mediums, a more targeted market can be reached.

Online marketing is a challenging and fast-paced arena. Emerging technologies and trends are a key element in successful online branding, customer interaction + acquisition, and loyalty.

Using social media as part of your online marketing strategy shows you are a company dedicated to connecting with others on a social level. Social media is informal, targeted and, above all, direct.

Our Social Media Services

Social media is a growing segment – we can assist businesses in this space by:

  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Planning a social media strategy
  • Providing best practice and training
  • Optimising social media profile content
  • Idea generation
  • Writing and submitting social media content on your behalf
  • Online PR (NEW)
  • Customising your Facebook cover image (at the top) and custom boxes (under cover)


Social Media Strategy Planning

For a strategy to work, consider:

  • Who are your target market?
  • How you can reach them most effectively ?
  • What are your business and online goals?
  • Are you collaborating and engaging your audience?
  • How is your brand and reputation being affected?

Social media can be integrated into your website and marketing campaigns for optimum impact.

Social Media Support

If making time to manage yor social media activity is an issue, then we can assist by managing this activity for you. We’ll agree a content plan to start, then meet every few months to monitor the activity and collaborate on new ideas.

Online PR – Social Networking

We’re introduced Online PR to mix so that you can spread the word to social networking websites and third parties blogs. We research and uncover the best places for you to natter away and then natter away for you – building connections, teasing out opportunities, sharing expertise and creating a strong foundation online for your business to grow.

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