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Writing Tips for the Web

This month’s theme concentrates on writing for the web. It’s an area that we have cultivated over the years, so we thought we’d share a few pointers to improve your copy and make it web-ready! Tip 1) Aknowledge space When writing for...

Selling Online :

Our new series ‘Selling online’, follows on from our very successful ‘Q&A’s for new business bloggers‘ series. Inspired by the post ‘How to sell online in 60 seconds‘; online retailers can submit their website for us to provide custom...

Extra Q&A’s for New Business Bloggers

As promised, here are the outstanding questions in our ‘Q&A’s for new business bloggers‘ series – The place where you ask a question, and we, well,…answer it. As this is numero four, how about catching up on the previous ...

Five Q&A’s for New Business Bloggers

Here are five Q&A's for new business bloggers to assist the blogging process.

Attracting the right customer

As suppliers and sellers, we need to research the who, where and how to target the RIGHT customer. Here's how to produce a customer profile to do just that.

Top Ten Online Christmas & New Year Tips

We might all think that at Christmas & New Year all we do is watch Eastenders and eat some turkey, but secretly we ponder our businesses. Here are my top ten online tips for the new year...

Marketing your biz better: part 3: Pricing and Positioning

This is part three of a four part series on marketing your biz better. This part centres on Pricing and Positioning - how pricing affects your products and services, how changes are percieved and which you should choose for your company.

Market your biz better: Part 2:Ethics

I discussed branding in part 1, this instalment is all about Ethics and ethical behaviour. What are ethics, what part do they play in our lives and what ethics are involved in marketing ...

How to shine online

Reached the point where your online presence is positively dull and lacks luster? Your digital self can shimmer and glow just as radiantly with an online makeover. Read on ...

Is there a correlation between confidence and success?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been struck by the amount of arrogance that surrounds us. This arrogance, or – to use a tamer term – confidence, is in the mainstream and used by those with an element of success.